graphic design / demand generation / event design

7+ years designing, art directing and concepting for gives us some expertise when it comes to standing out at the big event. GetFeedback hired us to create buzz-worthy infographics to promote their online survey platform at Dreamforce 2017. We also created a printed brochure which was handed out at their booth, as well as other printed promotional materials.

Dreamforce Infographics

In order to create pre-conference buzz, GetFeedback wanted to create infographics that highlighted the history of Dreamforce and would be shared around social media. Pellmer Creative concepted and designed a set of infographics and corresponding social media assets.

Dreamforce 10-Step Guide

GetFeedback created a 10-Step Guide to hand out at their Dreamforce booth. Pellmer Creative designed the booklet and managed print production with the printer.

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“I LOVE working with Erin. I feel like she understands what I’m looking for immediately. In the past, I’ve had to work through several iterations with a designer, but with Erin, we get to the answer in far fewer rounds. And, the end product is always beautiful. It’s also really fun to work with Erin! I truly enjoy our collaboration.”

Amy Clausing

Director of Events, GetFeedback